1. Indoor admissions-

  • Patients requiring inhospital care and intensive management are admitted and monitored by qualified doctors round the clock as per primary gastroenterologist’s plan of management. We believe that every patient must have access to quality health care and we are committed to provide best medical care at most affordable cost. Daily bedside rounds and discussion of management plan with the patient and the relatives are our strength. We also provide cashless hospitalization to our patients. The patients have the right to know their disease, its prognosis and ongoing treatment. Timely referral to higher center for more advanced tertiary level care is advised. The relatives are free to discuss all their doubts and queries during bedside rounds and are actively involved in the decision making along with the primary physician.

    2. Outdoor patient (OPD) services-

  • OPD is scheduled daily between 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday. Patients are expected (requested) to take online appointments for their desired date and time slots. They are also required to show their registration at the reception counter and wait patiently for their turn. The patients are required to bring all their previous records for comparison, show their appointment receipt & assess the treatment taken till date.