Procedure details-

  • Colonoscopy is that the examination of Ileum (Last a part of the little intestine), Cecum giant intestines and body part. Colonoscope may be a versatile tube that features a little camera and a lightweight supply at its tip and might give the high-resolution pictures of the Lower epithelial duct. The patient lies within the left lateral position and therefore the endoscope is advanced below direct vision through the porta of the patient for examination. Local anesthesia is comfortable for many patients however sometimes general anesthesia is needed looking on the patient preferences and procedure quality.
  • Some Key Features :
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    Diagnostic indications of Colonoscopy-

  • 1. 1. Best colonoscopy doctor in Bhopal for evaluating bleeding
  • 2. Evaluation of chronic diarrhea and anemia
  • 3. Evaluation of recent onset constipation and weight loss in elderly patients
  • 4. Screening for colorectal carcinoma and Polyps
  • 5. Surveillance after surgery in colorectal cancer
  • 6. Evaluation of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and tuberculosis.
  • 7. Evaluation of constipation and maroon colored stools in children/pediatric population
  • 8. Evaluation of rectal varices and Haemorrhoids
  • 9. Evaluation of Ileal and colonic ulcers
  • 10. Evaluation of lower abdominal and ano-rectal pain related to defecation
  • 11. Evaluation of Ileostomy and colostomy prior to surgical reversal and evaluation of pouchitis in Ileal pouch anal anastomosis(IPAA) for ulcerative colitis surgery.

    Therapeutic indications of Colonoscopy-

  • 1. Management of lower GI bleeding
  • 2. Stricture dilatation by CRE balloon
  • 3. Polypectomy for small polyps
  • 4. Best done by doctor expert in colonoscopy without the need for surgery
  • 5. Endoscopic colonic decompression in colonic pseudoobstruction
  • 6. Metallic stent placement for palliation of advanced colon cancer
  • 7. Per rectal Endoscopic myotomy(PREM) for Hirschsprung’s disease
  • 8. Enteral fistula management (Colo-vescical and rectovaginal)